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Monthly Ranking:

Andre22660.5 MB
gerry18960.0 MB
willi15032.7 MB
Wiper13047.7 MB
Iggy11549.6 MB
stats are updated hourly for this month approved uploads.

The top 5 uploaders (quantity wise) in August will be rewarded with the following prizes:

1. Freecom 60Gb 2.5inch USB2 Hard Drive
2. 512MB Lexar USB 2 Sport Drive and Free MP3 Player
3. DK Digital DVD-500 DivX Certified DVD Player
4. Skype Compatible USB Desk Phone
5. Pioneer DVR-110 16x DVD Writer

In addition, we are holding a special treasure hunt contest (check the front page for more details) with the following prizes:
1. Pioneer DVR-109 DVD+/DVD-RW Dual Layer Writer
2. SkipDoctor CD/DVD Repair Kit
3. Home Theatre Surround Sound 5.1 Channel Headphones

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  • German Constitutional Court doubts existence of a private copying 'right'
  • RIAA and MPAA join Internet2
  • New Version Of DivxToDVD 1.99.14
  • Apple unveils iTunes phone and iPod Nano
  • ratDVD updated to v0.76.1408

  • Please read carefully the upload and scanning instructions it will save all of us a lot time and it will prevent disqualified uploads.
    1) The Title field is the only field that determines under what name your files will be saved - you don't have to rename any images you upload, just type the Title correctly without a .jpg ending and using English letters and numbers only (no "$"':, non English letters, etc...). All non audio covers should have English translated names even if the title is in other language ("Die Welt" should be "The World German"). Please use the following naming convention:

    • Psx and Dreamcast: Title ntsc/pal/jap/custom. For example "Tekken Tag ntsc".
    • Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Xbox: Title Dvd ntsc/pal/jap/custom. For example "Halo Dvd jap". Dvd applies only to full dvd covers (meaning both front and back scanned as one and uploaded as front).
    • CDi, Pc and Gba: Title Language (except for English) custom (if custom). For example "Civilization 3 Dutch custom" or "Fifa 2002"
    • Vcd: Title Language (except for English) . Do NOT include the word custom since all these covers are custom by default. For example "The World Is Not Enough Swedish".
    • Dvd, Vhs and Bollywood: Title language. For example "The Matrix German" Name English covers as follows: If a Uk cover then use: "The Matrix Uk". If an Australian cover then use: "The Matrix Australian". US covers do not require a country tag, use: "The Matrix". Only full (meaning both front and back of the actual cover scanned as one and uploaded as front) covers are accepted.
    • Karaoke: Title. Use the full title and not abbreviations of the full title - The word Volume must always be used, and not shortened down to vol or vol. Always add the volume or catalogue number to the end of the title.
    • If you upload covers we already have on the site but with better quality (and by better quality we mean they actually look better than what we have on the site), make sure you attach the words "better quality" to the end of the title, otherwise they will be auto skipped.
    • Covers uploaded not according to our naming convention will be deleted. We simply have too many uploads to process and cannot individual rename each and every one of them.

    2) Select the cover Type (Bollywood/CDi/Dreamcast/Dvd/Gamecube/Gba/Karaoke/Pc/Psx/Psx2/Vcd/Vhs/Xbox)
    3) Browse your hard drive and insert the covers into the right place (front/back etc...) please send us covers only in .JPG format (no zips, gifs, psd etc..).
    4) Optional - Enter your Name and E-mail - these fields are optional and will be used to track top uploaders in the top uploader contest. We respect your privacy and we'll only use your E-mail to let you know when you win something or in case there is something wrong with your uploads.
    5) Press the upload button and wait. A new window will open, the upload process can be quite lengthy (each cover is limited to 2 MB max) and at the end of it you will be shown with confirmation of the covers you sent us.
    *You don't have to wait for the previous upload to complete. You can save time and continue uploading your covers using the upload page just make sure you remember to select fill in the updated details of the new cover.

    For more info and scanning tips read our scanning manual and our FAQ.
    Thank you for supporting us.

    Please follow these simple rules and avoid getting banned from the contest and having all your uploads deleted:
    1) Don't Upload Low Quality Covers - users that will flood us with garbage just to gain credit will be banned from the contest and all their uploads will be deleted. If you won't print the cover yourself because of its quality you can bet that no one else will use it as well so simply don't send it over. All DVD type covers (DVD, PS2, Xbox, Bollywood, etc) will be resized to a height of 1000 pixels which results in dimensions of around 1500x1000 pixels. If your uploads are more then 80% lower then that please don't bother uploading as they will be rejected.
    2) Name Your Uploads Correctly - users that will try to bypass our dupe check with intentional spelling mistakes or flood us with covers not named according to our convention will be banned. Keep in mind that due to the high number of covers uploaded we simply can't manually rename each and every upload so if you want your work to appear online and not deleted make sure you name your uploads correctly.
    3) TV Series Covers - will be gladly accepted into our vcd section as long as they are in the format of Title Season xx Episode yy and are distinct one from the other. Any by distinct we mean much more then just changing the episode number and name on each episode cover. If your covers aren't distinct simply upload one generic cover for the entire season in the format of Title Season xx. Flooding us with tons of almost identical covers just in order to gain extra credit for the upload contest will result in a ban from the contest and the deletion of all your uploads.

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    Optional:       Name:              E-mail:



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  • VSO releases DivxToDVD, version 1.99.14
  • Next-Gen XBox live pricing announced
  • MSI DR16-B3 - The 16x16 DVD Dual Drive with 8x DVD+R and 4x DVD-R Dual-Layer Technology
  • Microsoft may promote Forward Versatile Disc in Taiwan
  • JVC unveils the DR-DX5S 250 GB HDD DVD mini-DV recorder
  • Pioneer announces DV-79AVi DVD player with DVD-A SACD

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