President: Barbara Boyd 

2013 Committees
Food:    Brenda Goodson
Decorations: Ollie Goodson (803.786.2536)
Talent:     Tyajuana Mealing (803)800-5915

Area Coordinators

California: Karen M. Mack (310-439-1048)
DC Area: Malkia Lydia  (202-286-8502)
Indiana: Willy D. Turner (765)649-7103
Kentucky: Margaret Boyd (803-754-0637)
Michigan: Ruth Whitby ((734)699-1152
New York: Nadya Stevens (718-322-3308)
NC: Pearl Davis Steward (336)785-3848
Ohio:  Belinda Davis (
SC: Henry Goodson (803-691-8956)
SC: Willie Casey Jr. (803-256-6448)
Texas:  Bernard Richardson

Welcome to The

William Nicholas Davis -Suzanna Johnson

2012-2013 * Family Reunion

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Do you want to be an Area Coordinator for your area or state
Contact Henry Goodson  by email ( to get instructions and a list of family  members in your area.

Don't like electronic communication, then just drop a dime to our secretary and newsletter department Ms. Barbara Boyd (803-252-9836) or you can mail the info to 
Barbara Boyd
 4019 Gonzales Ave  
Columbia, SC 29203

Send Payments to:
Davis Family Reunion 2013
attn: Henry Earl Goodson
127 Murdock Street
Columbia SC 29203

Fundraising Committee

Ollie T. Goodson

Henry Goodson

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